" The tailor-made quality of production..."
In year 1995 Hayati Coşkun YILMAZ began to manufacture in a textile atelier; then the company has been turned into a modern and integrated industrial facility by the increasing of the quality with the name of "Yılmazlar Tekstil ve İplik Sanayi Ticaret Limited Şirketi" in Güngören to provide a ready made garment production since 2001. The hands-on experince of us on the all of manufacturing processes from the begining of yarn knitting until the last stage as packgaing of the goods let us to produce every single garment in premium quality of a tailor-made. During 23 years, the company is growth quickly in a secured based to become a production partner of the European well-known brands by increasing the monthly manufacturing capacity to 75.000 pieces.