About Us

The company being active since 2001 has a capacity to produce both underwear and clothes for male, female and kids from variety of strings such as fabric of wolly, silky, artificial or synthetic polyester, leather or the mixture of all. The factory being established in Güngören is composed of cutting, stitching, ironing, quality control and packing departments in a 1500m2 closed-area.

The production capacity of in total 120 employees arise to manufacture 75.000 unit in a monthly period. With the experience that our company has; we are eligible to manufacture a variety of textile products being demanded by the bussiness partners such as nightrobe, pijama, t-shirt, bathrobe, tights so on.

The company Yilmazlar Textile that exports %100 of the productions,is prefered by world-lead textile companies in Europe due to our experience over 15 years, high-quality production and assurance of production delivery in-time. The security of the labor and laborers are guaranteed at the level of European standarts with the certificate of BSCI and we are in the list of the best 500 textile companies as exporter in 2015 by Istanbul Hazir Giyim Konfeksiyon ve Ihracatcilar Birligi. The further aim of the company is to progress and evolve our success in textile sector in respect to serve according to the focus on the customer needs, value on both human and environment and follow up closely the developing technological facilities.